When a family needs more living space but can not or does not want to move to a bigger house, there are solutions. Depending on the building design, additional living space may be found in the attic or in the basement. Some lucky homeowners can even put on an addition. Others turn the garage into living space. Every choice has advantages and disadvantages. Finishing or renovating the basement may be the only solution for homeowners on small lots.

Can This Basement Be Turned Into A Pleasant Living Space?

The homeowner considering turning an underused basement into living space should seek the assistance of a reliable renovation contractor. Then some questions should be asked and answered.

  • Is the basement dry enough to successfully renovate? Can it be made dry?
  • Will the resulting rooms have high enough ceilings and add enough additional space to be worth the renovation cost?
  • Are there usable windows or places egress windows can be added?
  • Is the space for a safe, well-lit stairway from the main level to the basement?
  • What is the best use for the additional space? Does the family need more bedrooms? A family or media room? Hobby and laundry space? Dry, safe Storage?

Not all basements are capable of being renovated into pleasant family living spaces. Sometimes the cost will be too high for the possible results. Some ceilings are too low. Another important consideration is the possible placement of basement windows. Egress windows are an important feature of any below grade living space. Family members must have a fast way to escape the lower level in case of fire or another home emergency.

Egress windows are large enough for a person to crawl through to get outside. They must have the proper window well arrangement to allow light into the basement and to avoid water collecting and leaking into the home. Companies such as Basement Escape specialize in basement egress windows and their proper installation. People in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming part of the country are able to include usable basement rooms in new homes or renovate basements into usable rooms using the correct windows. For more information, go to the website.