What Is A WordPress Blog Maintenance

If you have created your very own self-hosted wordpress blog then you could not simply relax and sit for the rest of your life. The maker of the wordpress blog should occasionally change the themes and plugins. There are several things that you might want to improve on your wordpress blog such as adding some modifications on the theme of the blog, there might be a need of a complete installation at some point, adding a few additional functions on the blog, or even changing the CSS. It is also important for the host of the blog to let your visitors know that you are having some maintenance on your wordpress blog. You should continue reading this article in order to know how to do it.

Aside from the above mention, it is also very important that you conduct modifications and several tests on your local server in addition to uploading the latest version that is modified. It is also very important that you let your blog visitors know that you are doing some modifications on your wordpress blog so it is proper to inform them that your blog is not online and will be back online soon. Right now, you probably want to know exactly how to do this. You can perform this method with the use of certain plugins that was made in order to serve this purpose.

The purpose of wordpress maintenance mode.

WordPress maintenance mode or WP maintenance mode is a very important sustaining mode plugin out there. This plugin will help you show the visitors that your blog is under maintenance by striking a few patterns and themes that will show the forepart of your blog. Under the WP maintenance mode, you will have the choice to choose who can have an access to the back end of your blog because the default setting will only allow the administrators of your blog to have access on the site when it is under maintenance mode. You can do this once you are done with your repair job, you only need to go to your plugin page and look for the WP maintenance mode, and under the name you will find the ling that says “settings”. The settings tab will give you choices on who you would pick, the only thing you need to do is to click it.

What is maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode is another useful plugin that you can use because it contains a lot of advance features. This plugin will let you post a simple HTML message that will be seen on the forepart of your post. You should be aware of the only cons of the maintenance mode plugin, it does not consist of any themes.

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